Series 45

Series 45

Aluminum or stainless steel skins laminated to aluminum or kraft paper honeycomb core material. Systems glaze into window or window wall framing and permit butt-glazing procedures.


  • Bent and irregular shapes available
  • Butt-glazing capability
  • Excellent deflection resistance
  • Exceptional flatness
  • Glaze-in with thickness adjusted to meet receptor
  • Very lightweight

Material Options

  • Coil-coated aluminum skins (0.040 or 0.063)
  • Panel thickness from 1/4″ to 3″
  • Post-anodized aluminum (short run, custom colors)
  • Stainless steel skins (kraft paper core only)

Finish Options

  • Batch anodized
  • Coil-anodized
  • Custom coatings
  • Fluoropolymer high gloss finish
  • Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® high performance fluorocarbon resinous coatings
  • Stainless steel with #4 brushed-satin finish
  • Stainless steel with #8 mirror-polish finish

Additional Information

  • Maximum narrow dimension is 60″
  • Panel edges must be straight lines (no curves)
  • Panels may not be curved
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