Modified Bitumen

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Lap Splice

File Name Size Download
MB-LS-01 Lap Splice MB Cold Adhesive 497 kB
MB-LS-02 Lap Splice Hot Asphalt 513 kB
MB-LS-03 Lap Splice Torch Applied 380 kB
MB-LS-04 End Lap Options 84 kB
MB-LS-05 End Lap Options 83 kB
MB-LS-06 Lap Splice Torch Applied MB 95 kB
MB-LS-07 Mechanically Attached Two Ply System 100 kB
MB-LS-08 Lap Splice Torch Applied MB Batten in the Seam 100 kB
MB-LS-09 Back Nailing 126 kB
UF-LS-01 UltraFlash System250 kB

Roof Edge

File Name Size Download
MB-RE-01A UNA-EDGE DripEdge/GravelStop Edge with Strip In 155 kB
MB-RE-01 Gravel-Stop Edge using Strip Flashing 129 kB
MB-RE-02 Gravel-Stop Edge using Field Sheet Flashing 138 kB
MB-RE-03A Gutter W/O Flange using UNA-EDGE with Strip IN 152 kB
MB-RE-03 Gutter W/O Flange using Strip Flashing 127 kB
MB-RE-04A Gutter W/O Flange with UNA-EDGE & Field Sheet Flashing 150 kB
MB-RE-04 Gutter W/O Flange using Field Sheet Flashing 133 kB
MB-RE-05 Gutter W/ Flange using Strip Flashing 130 kB
MB-RE-06 Gutter W/ Flange using Field Sheet Flashing 138 kB
MB-RE-07 AnchorGard Roof Edge 117 kB
MB-RE-08 AnchorGard Extended Face Roof Edge 124 kB
MB-RE-09 Gravel Stop Edge using Strip Flashing in MB Cold Adhesive Applied 455 kB
MB-RE-10 Gravel Stop Edge using Strip Flashing in Hot Asphalt 506 kB
MB-RE-11 Gravel Stop Edge using Strip Flashing Torch Applied 409 kB
MB-RE-12 UltraFlash Drip Edge156 kB
MB-RE-13 Edge Metal Using Strip Flashing154 kB

Base Tie-In

File Name Size Download
MB-BT-01 Base Flashing for Wall Supported Deck 164 kB
MB-BT-02 Base Flashing for Non-Wall Supported Deck184 kB
MB-BT-03A Flashing for Concrete Parapet with Vented Perimeter 152 kB
MB-BT-03 Base Flashing for Vented Perimeter 149 kB
MB-BT-04 Surface Mounted Counter Flashing for Concrete Walls 157 kB
MB-BT-05 Metal Parapet Cap (Coping) and Base Flashing 167 kB
MB-BT-06 Pre-fabricated Metal Curb141 kB
MB-BT-07 Skylight, Roof Hatch and Smoke Vent119 kB
MB-BT-08 Curb 127 kB
MB-BT-09 Curb/Wall Flashing using RubberGard Membrane 178 kB
MB-BT-10A Curb/Wall RubberGard Flashing & UNA EDGE Coping  208 kB
MB-BT-10 Curb/Wall Flashing using RubberGard Membrane 168 kB
MB-BT-11 Roof Edge on a Parapet156 kB
MB-BT-12 Lap Splice MB Cold Adhesive Applied 530 kB
MB-BT-13 Lap Splice – Hot Asphalt Applied538 kB
MB-BT-14 Lap Splice Torch Applied479 kB
MB-BT-15 UltraFlash Curb (SBS Only)175 kB
MB-BT-15P Ultraflash Curb119 kB
MB-BT-16 UltraFlash Curb (SBS Only)168 kB
MB-BT-16P UltraFlash Curb110 kB
MB-BT-17 UltraFlash Base Flashing for Wall-Supported Deck (SBS Only)173 kB
MB-BT-17P Ultraflash Base Flashing for Wall Supported Deck111 kB
MB-BT-18 Metal Parapet Cap (Coping) and Base Flashing182 kB
MB-BT-19 UltraFlash Base Flashing for Wall-Supported Deck171 kB


File Name Size Download
MB-C-01 Outside Corner 79 kB
MB-C-02 Inside Corner91 kB
MB-C-03 UltraFlash Inside Corner155 kB
MB-C-04 UltraFlash Outside Corner 142 kB


File Name Size Download
MB-P-01 Hot Stack Flashing 124 kB
MB-P-02 Sheet Metal Enclosure for Piping through Roof Deck 120 kB
MB-P-03 Plumbing Vent 113 kB
MB-P-04 Penetration Pocket 199 kB
MB-P-05 QuickSeam Pipe Flashing with APP 160 Target 148 kB
MB-P-06 Firestone 6″ QuickSeam Penetration Pocket with APP 160 Target 206 kB
MB-P-07 UltraFlash Pipe Flashing 156 kB
MB-P-08 UltraFlash Penetration Pocket 265 kB
MB-P-09 UltraFlash Hot Stack Flashing 165 kB
MB-P-10 UltraFlash “I” Beam Flashing362 kB

Drain & Scupper

File Name Size Download
MB-D-01 Roof Drain 135 kB
MB-D-02 Firestone Drain Insert 152 kB
MB-D-03 No Lead Roof Drain 134 kB
MB-D-04 UltraFlash No Lead Roof Drain 191 kB
MB-S-01 Scupper143 kB
MB-S-02 UltraFlash Scupper171 kB

Expansion Joint

File Name Size Download
MB-E-01 Expansion Joint with Metal Cover 162 kB
MB-E-02 Expansion Joint with Pre-Manufactured Cover 165 kB
MB-E-03 Expansion Joint with RubberGard Membrane 157 kB
MB-E-04 Expansion Joint with RubberGard Membrane 153 kB


File Name Size Download
MB-M-01 Equipment Support Curb 126 kB
MB-M-03 Sleeper 92 kB
MB-M-04 Concrete Walkway Paver 84 kB
MB-M-05 Catch Pan 110 kB
MB-M-06 Area Divider 115 kB
MB-M-07 UltraFlash Platinum Lightening Rod141 kB
MB-M-07P Lightning Rod – 30 YEARS191 kB
MB-M-8P Cold Adhesive Platinum Warranty Cross-Section154 kB