UltraPly TPO Accessories

Firestone UltraPly has always aimed to fulfill the TPO installation needs of roofing professionals. See below for Firestone’s extensive line of UltraPly TPO accessories.


UltraPly TPO Walkway Pad


The UltraPly TPO Walkway pad offers a textured cross hatch allows for visibility and increased slip-resistance. Its scrim reinforcement provides dimensional stability and increased durability. Along with its fully heat-weldable TPO composition, this walkway pad contains recycled materials. The reflective white surface reduces thermal expansion, providing a smooth walking surface.


UltraPly TPO Reinforced Split Pipe Boot

UltraPly TPO Reinforced Split Pipe Boot
UltraPly TPO Reinforced Split Pipe Boots are factory-fabricated boots made from high performance UltraPly TPO membrane. The boot is specifically designed for flashing round penetrations and will fit various sizes. The split design allows the boot to be used to flash pipe penetrations with limited or no access from above the penetration. The design reduces labor and increases the performance of the detail and system.


cover strip_(1)

UltraPly TPO 8″ Reinforced Cover Strip

UltraPly TPO 8″ Reinforced Cover Strip, made from 60-mil UltraPly TPO membrane, can be used for intermediate mechanical attachment and to strip in TPO XR end laps. Pre-cut into 50-foot ready-to-use rolls, this reinforced cover strip can provide faster installation and savings due to reduced labor time.



UltraPly TPO Reinforced Curb Corners

Constructed of 45-mil UltraPly TPO membrane, UltraPly TPO Reinforced Curb Corners have a six-inch flange that help ensure adequate weld area around the perimeter of the curb. This product is available in six sizes to accommodate multiple curb sizes and will allow for faster installations.


flashingUltraPly TPO QuickSeam 9 1/2″ Flashing

This product utilizes Firestone Non-Staining QuickSeam pressure sensitive tape technology to ensure consistent application during installation. UltraPly TPO QuickSeam 9 1/2″ flashing is an easy-to-apply product provides contractors with a non-welded option for TPO roof edge details. This product can also be adapted for use as a coverstrip for intermediate mechanical attachment on UltraPly TPO systems.


UltraPly TPO Premium Walkway Pads

The UltraPly TPO Walkway Pad is scrim reinforced and composed of thermoplastic material compatible with Firestone UltraPly TPO membranes. Produced in 30″ wide by 50′ long rolls, the walkway pad had a highly reflective, white, textured surface and a smooth bottom for easy welding and installation.


w56tpo30t0_qs_rma_stripUltraPly QuickSeam™ Reinforced Mechanically Attached (R.M.A.) Strip

UltraPly QuickSeam Reinforced Mechanically Attached Strip is constructed with Non-Staining White QuickSeam pressure sensitive tape technology and can be installed using conventional UltraPly TPO HD Seam Plates, metal or polymer batten strips. This non-penetration intermediate attachment can be used for roofing membranes up to 12 feet for perimeter installations.


TPO QuickSeam FlashingTPO QuickSeam Flashing

This laminated 5 1/2″ TPO flashing membrane is pre-applied with non-staining QuickSeam pressure sensitive tape technology that ensures even attachment. Welding time during membrane installation and flashing details is reduced due to the ease of application of the product.


w56tpo30t1_qs_rpf_stripUltraPly QuickSeam Reinforced Perimeter Fastening (R.P.F.) Strip

Ultraply QuickSeam Reinforced Perimeter Fastening Strip can be simply installed using conventional UltraPly TPO Heavy Duty (HD) Seam Plates. Made from UltraPly TPO membrane and non-staining White QuickSeam pressure sensitive tape, this product is a non-penetrating membrane that offers securement with angle changes in the installation process.


outside corner_(1)

UltraPly QuickSeam Outside Corner

Molded from UltraPly TPO and non-staining QuickSeam pressure sensitive tape, UltraPly QuickSeam Outside Corner allows for easy, even application that requires no heat welding. This product has extra wide flange to ensure sufficient corner coverage.


pipe bootUltraPly QuickSeam Pipe Boot

Using pre-applied non-staining QuickSeam pressure sensitive tape technology, this product can be installed with no heat welding and offers ease of application when adding additional pipe penetrations to existing roofs. Molded from UltraPly TPO compound, UltraPly QuickSeam Pipe Boot covers pipes ranging from one inch to six inches in diameter.


t-jointUltraPly QuickSeam T-Joint Covers

UltraPly QuickSeam T-Joint Covers are molded from UltraPly TPO compounds and are pre-applied with Non-Staining QuickSeam pressure sensitive tape that reduces welding time during installation.

Custom TPO Accessories

UltraPly TPO Custom Pipe Boots

Custom Pipe Boots are available in round, square and conical configurations to provide flexibility to meet project flashing needs. Produced from 45-mil reinforced UltraPly TPO and available in a factory welded or split design, the Custom Pipe Boots accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. Custom Pipe boots are available in white, tan or gray.

Curb FlashingUltraPly TPO Custom Curb Flashings

Custom Curb Flashings are available in four designs for a variety of curb sizes, including four individual corners (4 field welds), two piece curb (two field welds), one piece split (one field weld) and one piece (no field welds). Available in either 45- or 60-mil reinforced UltraPly TPO, the Custom Curb Flashings eliminate labor costs associated with field forming curb flashings. Custom Curb Flashings are available in white, tan or gray.

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