Insulation Adhesives

I.S.O. Twin Pack Insulation Adhesive

The Firestone I.S.O. Twin Pack Insulation Adhesive Four-Bead Dispenser is a battery powered plunger activated dispensing machine designed to apply four uniform beads of I.S.O. Twin Pack Adhesive to the substrate in a constant uniform manner.


I.S.O.Stick is a two-component, low-rise polyurethane insulation adhesive applied in beads designed for adhesive attachment of Firestone approved roof insulations to acceptable substrates as allowed by Firestone specifications. I.S.O. Stick is specifically designed to be dispensed using the PaceCart 2TM dispenser. The PaceCart 2 dispenser pumps I.S.O. Stick Parts 1 and 2 simultaneously to a static mixer, which allows a properly mixed bead of adhesive to be applied to the receiving substrate. Firestone Building Products standard warranties are available up to 30-year warranty period.

I.S.O. Fix™ II Insulation Adhesive

I.S.O. FIX II Adhesive is a single component, moisture cured, polyurethane adhesive designed to attach acceptable roof insulations to acceptable substrates. It may also be used to attach multiple layers of insulation. I.S.O. FIX II Adhesive can be used to attach insulation under fully-adhered, modified bitumen and Built-Up roofing systems.

I.S.O. FIX II Adhesive is dispensed from a pressurized, portable, disposable container using the flexible dispensing hose and dispenser wands sold separately. (Firestone Item Number: W56RACINSH). The maximum slope is 2″:12″ (51 mm:305 mm). Firestone Building Products standard warranties are available up to 30-year warranty period.

I.S.O.Spray™ S Insulation Adhesive

I.S.O. SPRAY S Adhesive is a two-part polyurethane adhesive, mixed and dispensed from a heated high-pressure spray or bead-extruding system to anchor acceptable roof insulation to acceptable substrates, to adhere multiple layers of insulation, or to adhere fleece backed UltraPly™ TPO XR membrane.

LiquiGard™ Adhesive

LiquiGard Adhesive is an economical, odorless and VOC-free adhesive for modified bitumen roofing systems. The two-part urethane adhesive forms extremely strong bonds between roofing membranes and substrates, creating a watertight seal and superior resistance to high winds. LiquiGard is ideal for schools, hospitals and other applications where using asphalt, heat welding with torches or odorous solvents is not acceptable. This proven adhesive is a durable, easy-to-install option for roofing professionals. Available in 5-gallon pails, LiquiGard Adhesive is acceptable for up to a 25-year Firestone Red Shield™ Warranty.

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