SA Flashing

QuickSeam™ SA

The self-adhering technology of Firestone QuickSeam SA Flashing was developed for the flashing of both curbs and parapets in association with RubberGard™ EPDM roof systems. QuickSeam SA Flashing consists of an 18″ wide, 60-mil RubberGard EPDM membrane laminated to Firestone QuickSeam Tape.

Available in easy-to-handle 50′ rolls, QuickSeam SA Flashing is an innovative solution that reduces field cutting time and VOC emissions by minimizing the need for adhesives. It is also is easy to use in cold weather conditions. QuickSeam SA Flashing’s polyester release liner provides excellent weather resistance and ease of removal. The combination of proven technology saves time and money.

EcoWhite™ EPDM QuickSeam SA Flashing

EcoWhite EPDM QuickSeam SA Flashing consists of 18″ wide EcoWhite EPDM membrane fully factory laminated to EcoWhite QuickSeam tape. It can be used to flash curbs and walls in conjunction with EcoWhite WPDM roofing systems where allowed by Firestone specifications.

EcoWhite QuickSeam tape is used as the tape adhesive to field splice EcoWhite EPDM QuickSeam SA Flashing to primed RubberGard EchoWhite EPDM membrane, as well as the adhesive to bond EcoWhite EPDM QuickSeam SA Flashing to primed vertical substrates. The polymeric release liner (protects the tape until field application) is perforated 6″ from the tape selvage edge to delineate the lap portion of the EcoWhite EPDM QuickSeam SA Flashing. The perforated release liner allows removal of the liner in separate vertical and horizontal sections.

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