Modified Bitumen Accessories

Regardless of your asphalt roofing system requirements, Firestone is uniquely positioned to meet all your commercial roofing needs. Firestone’s diverse modified bitumen product line includes a variety of accessories to ensure your entire asphalt-based roofing system includes the highest quality materials. No matter what adhesives and flashings your project calls for, Firestone has the right products for your next modified bitumen roofing system.

???????????????????????????????LiquiGard™ Adhesive

LiquiGard Adhesive is an economical, odorless and VOC-free adhesive for modified bitumen roofing systems. The two-part urethane adhesive forms extremely strong bonds between roofing membranes and substrates, creating a watertight seal and superior resistance to high winds. LiquiGard is ideal for schools, hospitals and other applications where using asphalt, heat welding with torches, or the use of odorous solvents is not acceptable. This proven adhesive is a durable, easy-to-install option for roofing professionals. Available in 5-gallon pails, LiquiGard Adhesive is eligible for up to a 30-year Firestone Red Shield Warranty.


Multi-Purpose MB Cold AdhesiveSM

Multi-Purpose MB Cold Adhesive

Multi-Purpose MB Cold Adhesive consists of an asphalt matrix blended with non-asbestos fibers and selective performance additives. It is designed to meet the adhesion characteristics necessary to adhere Firestone Base Sheets, SBS Cap Sheets, and APP Cool Cap Sheets. Multi-Purpose MB Cold Adhesive can also be used to adhere laps in two-ply systems.


Multi-Purpose MB Flashing CementSMMulti-Purpose MB Flashing Cement

Multi-Purpose MB Flashing Cement consists of an asphalt base blended with non-asbestos fibers and selective performance additives. It is designed to provide excellent adhesion for Firestone SBS Base Sheets, SBS Cap Sheets, and APP Cool products. Multi-Purpose MB Flashing Cement can also be used to adhere Firestone base sheets on vertical wall flashing applications.

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