X-Tred™ Walkway Pad

X-Tred™ Walkway Pad

Firestone X-Tred™ Walkway Pad is a versatile, easy to install walkway pad made from 100 percent TPO. The pad’s self-ballasting feature and loose-laid design eliminates buckling and the need for heat welding to the roof membrane, increasing ease and speed of installation for roofing contractors.

The pad is made from white TPO compound and its unique cross tred design reduces thermal expansion and provides greater impact resistance in cold weather. The weight per square foot (1.3 lb./ft.) of the X-Tred pad allows it to remain in place, and its diamond-cut surface provides excellent slip resistance. Its open design grid enables self-draining, minimizing ponding water and allowing water to easily runoff.

Available in 30 in. x 30 ft. rolls, X -Tred can be easily installed or removed without damage to the underlying membrane, facilitating safe access for rooftop maintenance or roofing system upgrades. X-Tred can also be recycled with other products.

The design of X-Tred Walkway Pads seamlessly integrate with various roofing systems, allowing it to be installed over TPO, EPDM, PVC and a variety of asphalt roofing systems. X-Tred Walkway Pad can be included under a Firestone Red Shield Warranty.

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