V-Force Vapor Barrier Membrane

V-Force Vapor Barrier Membrane

Firestone V-Force™ Vapor Barrier Membrane doubles as a reliable vapor barrier and self-adhered temporary roof. Providing a puncture-resistant surface that withstands roof traffic, V-Force is an excellent solution for quickly weatherproofing new construction or re-roof projects, requiring just a few roofing professionals to cover a typical roof in about a day.

The SBS adhesive in the membrane is suitable for use over a variety of substrates, including concrete, plywood, DensDeck® Prime, exterior gypsum and other Firestone-approved substrates primed with V-Force solvent-based or water-based primer. V-Force’s high tensile woven polyethylene surface provides a smooth and ideal surface for the adhesion of Firestone insulation products above the barrier and aggressive adhesion to substrates below.

V-Force’s non-slip, UV resistant surface can be left exposed to the elements for up to three months over an approved substrate. This enables it to function not only as a vapor barrier, but also as a temporary roof, which allows work crews to maintain job schedules in dry conditions without interruption. A self-adhered temporary roof, V-Force features a quick and easy release film allowing for incredible ease of installation.

UL and FM approved when used with approved assemblies, V-Force is recognized by the International Building Code as a Class l vapor retarder with a perm rating of 0.02. V-Force is available in 80-pound (36-kilogram) rolls that provide 500 square feet (46.5 square meters) of coverage per roll. When installed in conjunction with an approved Firestone roofing system, V-Force Vapor Barrier Membrane can qualify for Firestone Red Shield® Warranty coverage.

File Name Size Download
V-Force Vapor Barrier Membrane Sell Sheet – Item 1322 725 kB
File Name Size Download
SA-LVOC Primer – SDS 1 MB
SA-Solvent Based (SB) Primer – SDS 1 MB
SA-Water Based (WB) Primer – SDS 305 kB
V-Force SB Primer – SDS 1 MB
V-Force WB Primer – SDS 305 kB
V-Force™ Vapor Barrier Membrane SDS 259 kB
File Name Size Download
BASEGARD™ SA Base Sheet – TIS 607 113 kB
SA-LVOC Primer – TIS 1449 227 kB
SA-Solvent Based (SB) Primer – TIS 605 61 kB
SA-Water Based (WB) Primer – TIS 606 150 kB
V-Force™ Vapor Barrier Membrane – TIS 604 446 kB
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