SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers

SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers

SkyPaver™ Composite Roof Pavers enable building owners to create durable, versatile rooftop living spaces. Perfect for new or reroof projects, SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers are available in five colors that can be configured into various patterns and designs. They work well in multiple applications including plaza decks, terraces, walkways and other accessible roof areas.

SkyPaver composite roof pavers can accommodate nearly any live load and still be light, making them an ideal complement to vegetative roof systems like Firestone’s SkyScape™ System. An attractive choice for architects, the elegant, traditional brick look of SkyPaver nicely enhances the beauty of the SkyScape Vegetative Roof System.

Made from 95 percent post-consumer recycled tires and plastics, SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers are lightweight and easy to install. SkyPaver’s patented, interlock installation grid system is applied over SkyDrain™ drainage sheets, which provide a low restriction path to direct stormwater under the paving surface to drain. Available in convenient, 50′ by 4′ rolls that can be trimmed to size with a utility knife, SkyDrain features high compressive strength to accommodate most typical live loads.

SkyPaver and SkyDrain can be installed over any low-slope, waterproof Firestone roofing system including RubberGard™ EPDM, UltraPly™ TPO and asphalt membranes. They are engineered to meet or exceed ASTM standards and can help earn points in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® rating system.

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