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Cheyenne River Health Center


Cheyenne River Health Center

Eagle Butte, South Dakota

Constructed on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Indian Reservation in Eagle Butte, S.D., the new Cheyenne River Health Center services 9,300 residents in the area. This 138,542-square-foot facility features multiple roofing systems, wall panel systems and accessories, including Firestone UltraPly TPO XR, ISO 95+ GL insulation and various UNA-CLAD metal products.

The structures standout element is unquestionably its entrance, designed to invoke the resemblance of a tepee. Featuring a column with a beautiful ceramic tile mural on the front, 24-gauge UNA-CLAD Flat  Lock tiles in a Classic Copper finish were installed in a diamond pattern around the remainder of the column. Flat-Lock tiles in a Terra Cotta finish were also mounted on the round-shaped exterior walls surrounding the west entrance.

Leading up to the main entrance, UNA-CLAD UC-6 Double-Lock Standing Seam Roofing Panels in a Colonial Red finish were chosen for the covered walkways and the side canopies were designed in a round fashion. In light of this, the roofing and soffit panels were custom tapered in order to maintain the integrity of the curved design. The UC-6 roofing panels were used in conjunction with a UNA-CLAD UC-500 Flush Panel System to create copper color awnings over eight separate side entrances.

The main building of the health center was covered with a tan, 60-mil fully adhered Firestone UltraPly TPO XR roofing system over two layers of 2.5 inch ISO 95+ GL insulation, with some areas utilizing ISO 95+ GL Tapered Insulation. Overlooking the TPO roof, a row of upper windows let natural sunlight in the building. UC-601 UNA-CLAD Exposed Fastener Panels in a Sierra Tan finish were mechanically attached to the exterior walls to encase this window area. UC-6 panels were used over this section of windows to help complete the buildings sleek new look. 
Upon completion, the project was issued a 15-year Firestone Red Shield Warranty.

Cheyenne River Health Center / Eagle Butte, S. D.

File Name Size Download
6-E-01 UC-6 Sliding Eave at Drip Edge  24 kB
6-E-02 UC-6 Cleated Sliding Eave at Gutter 72 kB
6-E-03 UC-6 Cleated Sliding Eave at Drip Edge  25 kB
6-E-04 UC-6 Cleated Sliding Eave at Gutter 29 kB
6-EJ-01 UC-6 Expansion Joint 35 kB
6-EL-01 UC-6 End Lap 30 kB
6-HE-01 UC-6 Fixed High Eave With Z-Closure  34 kB
6-HE-02 UC-6 Fixed High Eave With Modified J-Channel  37 kB
6-HW-01 UC-6 Fixed Headwall With Z-Closure at Reglet  49 kB
6-HW-02 UC-6 Fixed Headwall with Z-Closure at Wall Panel  29 kB
6-HW-03 UC-6 Fixed Headwall With Z-Closure at Wall Panel  52 kB
6-HW-04 UC-6 Fixed Headwall With Modified J-Channel at Reglet 32 kB
6-P-01 UC-6 Penetration With Pipe Flashing  45 kB
6-P-02A UC-6 High & Low Side Detail  38 kB
6-P-02B UC-6 Curb – Rake Detail  24 kB
6-PB-01 UC-6 Pitchbreak Transition at Roof Edge  40 kB
6-PB-02 UC-6 Pitchbreak Transition – Steep to Low Slope  37 kB
6-PB-03 UC-6 Pitchbreak Transition – Low to Steep Slope  38 kB
6-R-01 UC-6 Fixed Hip or Ridge With Z-Closure  31 kB
6-R-02 UC-6 Fixed Hip or Ridge With Modified J-Channel  36 kB
6-R-03 UC-6 Ridge / Hip Cap Splice  24 kB
6-R-04 UC-6 Copper Fixed Hip or Ridge With Stainless Steel Cleat  35 kB
6-R-05 UC-6 Vented Fixed Hip or Ridge with Z-Closure  39 kB
6-RK-01 UC-6 Rake With Hemmed Panel Edge  26 kB
6-RK-02 UC-6 Rake With Modified J-Channel  26 kB
6-RK-03 UC-6 Rake With J-Cleat  22 kB
6-SG-01 UC-6 Continuous SnowGard  19 kB
6-SW-01 UC-6 Side Wall Flashing With Modified J-Channel at Reglet  45 kB
6-SW-02 UC-6 Side Wall Flashing With Modified J-Channel at Panel  27 kB
6-V-01 UC-6 Valley With Continuous Cleat 37 kB
6-V-03 UC-6 Valley at Rake Wall  56 kB
6-V-2 UC-6 Valley with Integrated Lock 30 kB
ARC-02 Concave Panels 38 kB
F-1 UC-500 Wrapped Fascia with Recessed Soffit 118 kB
F-2 UC-500 Wrapped Fascia with Flush Soffit 121 kB
F-3 UC-500 Wrapped Fascia with Flush Soffit Over Hat Channels 126 kB
F-4 UC-500 Finished Fascia with Recessed Soffit 129 kB
F-5 UC-500 Fascia Panel to Soffit Panel Transition 131 kB
F-6 UC-500 Fascia Panel to Soffit Transition over Hat Channels 150 kB
J-1 UC- 500 Soffit Joint 120 kB
J-2 UC-500 Soffit Joint Over Hat Channels 130 kB
S-1 UC- 500 Soffit Panel at Mitered Corner 129 kB
W-1 UC- 500 Exterior Wall Termination 130 kB
W-2 UC-500 Exterior Wall Termination Over Hat Channels 134 kB
W-3 UC- 500 Soffit Panel to Exterior Wall Termination 142 kB
W-4 UC-500 Soffit Panel to Exterior Wall Termination 144 kB
File Name Size Download
310th Space Wing Case Study – Item 1908 303 kB
Bridgestone Akron Tire Center 1 MB
Bridgestone’s Off-Road Radial Tire Facility Case Study – Item 1963 1 MB
Firestone Polyiso Brochure 1 MB
Firestone Polyiso Infographic 717 kB
Gordon State College Case Study – Item 1906 331 kB
Huntsman Advanced Technology Center Case Study 1 MB
Metal Color Selection Chart – Item 1185 284 kB
Metal Stocking Matrix – Item 0123 8 MB
Polyiso Family Brochure – Item 1234 4 MB
UNA-CLAD Metal Roofing Systems Brochure – Item 1181 2 MB
File Name Size Download
QS-METAL UC-6, Steel 5-20 YR 48 kB
QS-METAL UC-6, Steel 25-30 YR 47 kB
QS-METAL UC-6, Wood 5-20 YR 49 kB
QS-METAL UC-6, Wood 25-30 YR 48 kB
UC-500 Specification 295 kB
UC-500 and UC-501 Design Considerations 499 kB
File Name Size Download
ISO 95+ 224 kB
File Name Size Download
Acrylic Patching Cement – White – TIS 1611 97 kB
Acrylic Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer – TIS 1610 97 kB
Aluminum Roof Coating – TIS 1608 70 kB
Clear Skylight Coating – TIS 1614 272 kB
Elastomeric Seam Tape – TIS 1612 61 kB
ISO 95+™ GL Insulation – TIS 901 202 kB
ISO Fastener – TIS 950 154 kB
Industrial Elastomeric Roof Coating – TIS 1607 70 kB
Polyester Fabric – TIS 1613 57 kB
Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer (Red) – TIS 1609 97 kB
UC-6 Fixed Clip – TIS 2057 108 kB
UC-6 HD Standing Seam Panel for Architectural and Structural Metal Roofing – TIS 2072 365 kB
UC-6 Low-Float Clip – TIS 2058 115 kB
UC-6 Standing Seam Panel for Architectural And Structural Metal Roofing – TIS 2006 336 kB
UC-6 Super Clip – TIS 2059 239 kB
UC-500 Flush Panel For Architectural Soffit & Fascia Systems – TIS 2012 117 kB
UC Bearing Plate – TIS 2066 119 kB
UNA-Clad™ #10 Fasteners – TIS 1023 501 kB
UNA-Clad™ #12 Fasteners – TIS 1024 474 kB
UNA-Clad™ #12 Purlin Drilling Fasteners – TIS 1025 440 kB
File Name Size Download
ESR-3422 Firestone Metal Roofing Panels 777 kB
Firestone Building Products – Metal Code Approval Guide 639 kB
File Name Size Download
Metal Color Selection Chart – Item 1185 284 kB