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Little Creek Casino


Little Creek Casino

Kamilche Valley, Washington

In developing the Little Creek Casino and Resort in Kamilche Valley, WA, the Squaxin Island Tribe initiated a multifaceted
water reclamation and reuse system. As part of the scope, an irrigation reservoir, with a capacity of 3.25 million gallons, was constructed to store the Class A reuse water. The reservoir not only serves the resort, it is a harvest point for rainwater coming from an area of about 1,000 acres.

The tribe needed the reservoir completed in-line with the wastewater reclamation plant in order to service the resorts facilities.  So, installation took place during cold, wet weather.  The construction team specified Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane,
a reinforced polypropylene membrane because the heatwelded seams were ideal for the difficult weather conditions.  Additional determining factors were the puncture resistance and minimal elongation properties of the membrane.

File Name Size Download
fPP-R ML-A-1 Unexposed Pond Edge with Soil Cover 222 kB
fPP-R ML-A-2 Unexposed Pond Edge with Shotcrete 333 kB
fPP-R ML-A-3 Standard Anchor Trench 318 kB
fPP-R ML-A-4 Standard “V” Shaped Anchor Trench 317 kB
fPP-R ML-A-5 Run-out Anchoring 303 kB
fPP-R ML-A-6 Toe of Slope Anchoring 328 kB
fPP-R ML-A-7 Head Water Anchoring Trench 361 kB
fPP-R ML-C-1 Inside Corner 245 kB
fPP-R ML-C-2 Outside Corner 223 kB
fPP-R ML-D-1 Drain 421 kB
fPP-R ML-D-2 Drain Insert 427 kB
fPP-R ML-LS-1 Cut Edge Treatment Application 26 kB
fPP-R ML-LS-2 Lap Splice with Headlap Under Field Seam Using T-Joint Cover 26 kB
fPP-R ML-P-1 Pre – Fabricated Pipe/Tube Flashing 367 kB
fPP-R ML-P-2 Field Fabricated Pipe/Tube Flashing 397 kB
fPP-R ML-P-3 Field Fabricated Horizontal Pipe Penetration 466 kB
fPP-R ML-R-1 Rip-rap Detail 465 kB
fPP-R ML-R-2 Drop Box Detail 444 kB
fPP-R ML-R-3 Ramp Detail 426 kB
fPP-R ML-S-1 Wedge Welded Seam 118 kB
fPP-R ML-S-2 Extrusion Welded Seam 204 kB
fPP-R ML-S-3 6″ Cover Strip Seam 219 kB
fPP-R ML-T-1 Wall Termination Above Maximum Water Line 41 kB
fPP-R ML-T-2 Outside Pond Wall Termination 568 kB
fPP-R ML-T-3 Term. Step Down & Outside Corner Above Max. Water Line 546 kB
fPP-R ML-T-4 Saw Cut Reglet Couterflashing Termination 410 kB
fPP-R ML-T-5 Surface Mounted Sheet Metal Termination 616 kB
fPP-R ML-T-6 Cap Stone On Wall Termination 338 kB
fPP-R ML-T-7 Intermediate Attachment At Wall 277 kB
fPP-R ML-T-8 Horizontal Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line 352 kB
fPP-R ML-T-9 Vertical Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line 338 kB
fPP-R ML-T-10 Miscellaneous Terminations 202 kB
File Name Size Download
Geomembrane Products Installation Quality Assurance Manual – Thermoplastics 108 kB
Hand Welder Operation with Firestone Thermoplastic Geomembranes 56 kB
Single Wedge Welder Operation with Firestone Thermoplastic Geomembranes: an Overview 102 kB
Wedge Welding Suggestions for use with: Firestone fPP, fPP-R and TPO 33 kB
File Name Size Download
Section I- fPP-R Geomembrane Specifiation Guide 99 kB
Section II- fPP-R Geomembrane Installation Guide 81 kB
File Name Size Download
AP Sealant – SDS 642 kB
Civil Grade Geotextile – SDS 29 kB
Firestone fPP & fPP-R – SDS 34 kB
Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod – SDS 34 kB
QuickSeam Cover Strip – SDS 30 kB
QuickSeam Tape Seaming Kit – SDS 36 kB
QuickSeam™ Conduit Flashing – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ Corner Flashing – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ FormFlash Flashing – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ Joint Cover – SDS 260 kB
QuickSeam™ Pipe Flashing – SDS 260 kB
Single-Ply LVOC Primer – SDS 543 kB
UltraPly TPO Bonding Adhesive – SDS 494 kB
UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant Grey – SDS 1 MB
UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant Tan – SDS 246 kB
UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant White – SDS 987 kB
UltraPly TPO General Purpose Sealant – SDS 509 kB
UltraPly TPO Membrane – SDS 119 kB
File Name Size Download
TIS 106 – Firestone Unsupported Polypropylene (fPP) Flashing 147 kB
TIS 107 – Firestone Unsupported Polypropylene (fPP) Geomembrane 123 kB
TIS 108 – TPO Geomembrane 142 kB
TIS 214 – Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod 122 kB
TIS 215 – UltraPly TPO General Purpose Sealant 178 kB
TIS 220 – UltraPly TPO Cut Edge Sealant 208 kB
TIS 302 – Coated Drive Pin Fastener 190 kB
TIS 303 – Concrete Drive Fastener 181 kB
TIS 304 – All-Purpose Fastener 203 kB
TIS 305 – All-Purpose Stainless Steel Fastener 162 kB
TIS 401 – Metal Batten Strip 187 kB
TIS 402 – Coiled Metal Batten Strip 137 kB
TIS 404 – Termination Bar 119 kB
TIS 501 – QuickSeam Cover Strip 171 kB
TIS 503 – QuickSeam FormFlash 84 kB
TIS 504 – QuickSeam Joint Cover 177 kB
TIS 505 – QuickSeam Corner Flashing 110 kB
TIS 506 – QuickSeam Pipe Flashing 126 kB
TIS 507 – QuickScrubber Plus Primer Application System 121 kB
TIS 508 – QuickRoller 202 kB
TIS 511 – QuickScrubber Kit 116 kB
TIS 515 – QuickSeam Conduit Flashing 130 kB
TIS 601 – UltraPly TPO Eco Walkway Pad 110 kB
TIS 602 – UltraPly TPO Inside/Outside Corner 104 kB
TIS 702 – Silicone Rubber Roller 101 kB
File Name Size Download
Blank Sample Geomembrane 20 Year Warranty 151 kB