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Gordon State College


Gordon State College

Barnesville, GA

Gordon State College, educating an annual enrollment of over 5,000 students,  was looking to improve and expand its Student Success Center – a key academic facility for students and faculty – starting at the top. The Center’s old 18,000 sq ft roof needed to be replaced, followed by a 17,500 sq ft addition to the building.

Because of the Center’s high visibility on campus, officials were also looking to create a visually unique design for the building. To accomplish this, they wanted to use metal paneling products that matched the signature bronze color frequently seen on Gordon State College buildings.

Gordon College officials selected Metal Flat Lock Wall Panels in .032 Dark Bronze for the expansion for long-term performance, functionality and design elements. For the re-roofing project, the contractor firm laid down an 18,000 sq ft asphalt system of MB Base and APP 180.  To protect their new investment in the Student Success Center, Gordon College opted to purchase a 20-year Firestone Finish Warranty for the metal panels and a 10-year Red Shield™ Warranty for the asphalt roofing system.

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