Information Verification Form for PIQ

Company Information
Please review your company’s contact information in the form below. The information will be used exactly as provided in the Firestone website’s Select a Contractor tool, so please check it closely for accuracy. If you do not edit the following form, your information will be published as-is on the Firestone website.Please note: If you do not complete this form, Firestone will not distribute your local news release.

News Release

Firestone will distribute a personalized news release with your approval to your local newspapers. To take advantage of this opportunity:
1.    Review the news release
2.    Click on the edit button below to edit the customizable text
3.    If needed, add additional edit requests or comments in the box below

Please note: any request for extraordinary changes or information additions will be included at the discretion of Firestone Building Products.Local Media List

If we have a media list on record for your local news release distribution, you will find it below. Please review the list and add or remove media as desired.

If there are no media outlets listed below, please add local media that you would like us to use for the news release distribution.

Please note: we do not distribute to local radio or television outlets. Please print this page for your records before you click the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the page. Remember you must click on the “SUBMIT” button to ensure that we receive your form. Upon submission, the person who completed this form (indicated by you in step 1 of 4) will receive an e-mail confirmation. If you are not brought to a page after submission that says “Your Form has been successfully submitted,” please contact Cindy Foran.

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