Seminar Topics

Basic Roofing: A Selection Process A review of the types and physical properties of both single-ply membranes and asphalt /modified roofing systems, plus “how to” pointers to help you evaluate and install them. Included is an overview of roofing insulation. 

Do I Need A Roof?
A practical needs assessment in analyzing and evaluating your building roofing needs. 

Roofing System Affixment Design Criteria & Methods
A review of essential design criteria and methods of attaching a roofing system to the deck, substrates and terminations. 

Roofing Design Considerations
A comprehensive discussion of the basic elements of roof design and how each contributes to the selection of a proper system. 

Designing Roofs for Optimal Service
A discussion of vital factors that will impact the long-term performance and maintenance of your roof. 

Why Insulation?
A detailed look into the critical functions of insulation: as a substrate, part of the thermal envelope and as a provider of the necessary slope to drain water. We will also review energy code requirements and other occupancy needs. 

Insulation Descriptions and Comparisons
A review of the strengths and weaknesses of cover board and thermal insulation. 

Thermal Insulation Manufacturing A demonstration of how foam insulations are manufactured and a general discussion on how changing government and environmental issues may affect you. 

Proper Drainage for a Lasting Roof
A review of code requirements for low-slope roofs, structural slope and retrofit slope (Tapered Systems) design services and capabilities, plus the impact of manufacturers’ shop drawings.Life Safety Issues Involving Steel Decks and Roof Insulation An in-depth discussion on life safety issues that building owners and specifiers need to know. 

Asphalt Roofing Systems
An examination of the use of asphalt spanning from more than one hundred years ago to the present day. This includes an emphasis on the development and growth of modern polymer modified asphalt technology together with new system designs. 

EPDM Single Ply Membrane
The expanding growth of EPDM single plies can be directly correlated to system and product enhancements that have improved the performance of the systems. These enhancements have attracted professional contractors due to the economics of installing the elastomeric single plies. The benefits to building owners also include their proven long-term performance and low life-cycle cost. 

Thermoplastic Roofing
An in-depth discussion of the TPO market, products and industry issues within this rapidly growing segment of low-slope commercial roofing. 

Ongoing Roofing Maintenance
A discussion on industry views of maintenance and critical ties to the original system design. We’ll also cover the importance of proactive inspections to reduce life-cycle costs and ensure your roof maintains its optimum condition. 

Warranty Limits and Conditions
A discussion of typical roof warranties, their true intent, how to maximize their value and what actions to take for leaks and/or severe weather. 

Quality Contractor Selection Process
A discussion revolving around monitoring contractors, current and historical work with a focus on its possible impact on the quality rating of an installed roofing system.

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