Stage 1 – New Roofing System

Long-lasting roofing systems share three key elements: proper design, quality products and trained craftsmanship. When selecting a roofing system, keep in mind that the building itself often dictates the appropriate roofing system design and specification. A variety of factors, including location, physical characteristics, construction materials, building usage and more, should be considered at the onset of the roofing system selection process.

To maximize the life of your roof, choose quality products that are specifically engineered by a single manufacturer to be integrated and installed as a complete roofing system. Firestone manufactures everything you need from the deck up — a full line of quality commercial roofing systems, polyiso insulation and a complete line of installation accessories.

No amount of product engineering or system design can replace poor installation quality. Selecting a roofing contractor with a quality performance record is critical. Firestone can help you narrow the field by providing you with access to our network of professional, licensed, commercial roofing contractors who have proven their ability to perform quality installations time and again.

Next Stage – Roof In Service Period

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